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Thakkar & Associates is a leading law firm that provides a legal services to its clients, which includes multinational public and private companies, banks, other corporate entities and all who requires legal services. The firm has a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, property experts, technical experts, chartered accountants and IT consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements.

In this era of rapid changing economic and industrial scenario, the role of Advocacy and Law Consultancy profession has become one with immense importance. In the age of globalisation and outsourcing, the profession has overcome the barriers of time and place. The plethora of services rendered by the law firm now a days are remarkably sizable as compared with earlier time. The profession has become elementary rather than supplementary to any oraganisation, may it be a small shop or a giant multinational conglomerate as well as non-profit making entities running for social motives.

There has been a sea change in social as well as economic spheres of life over the years. There are so many organizations as well individuals in searching of qualitative and attitude based services for their bucket of legal activities and matters related to legal department. In this background, expectations of users of services, regulators and everyone concerned stand changed. Moreover global competition in legal world in the knowledge economy is stiff. Read More...